Saturday, September 24, 2011

Call from Eritrea: Pray, pray, pray (

Christians are being called upon to give special attention to the small country of Eritrea in prayer.

The African country of Eritrea is located between Ethiopia and Sudan. Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern (ICC) says it is a country where religious freedom is extremely restricted.

"Thousands of Christians have been arrested for practicing their faith in Eritrea -- and some have been tortured, even to the point of being tortured to death," he describes. "And this has also been confirmed by a report by Wikileaks which indicates that Eritrean Christians are imprisoned under very difficult situations."

Racho says that includes being jailed in shipping containers in hot weather with little ventilation and unsanitary conditions, as well as limited food and water. The ICC spokesman contends that while not an international police force, the United States could do more.

"We call upon the State Department to undertake serious punitive measures against the regime so that they will understand that there is a consequence for violating religious freedoms," he urges.

U.S. law does call for several possible steps, ranging from diplomacy to economic sanctions.

The State Department has listed Eritrea as one of the top countries in the world for persecution -- in this instance, against Christians.

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