Friday, October 7, 2011

Eritrea: Senior Foreign Ministry Official Exposes Criminal Acts of TPLF Regime's Security Forces

Asmara — Ambassador Fisehatsion Petros, Head of Desks in the Eritrean Foreign Ministry, disclosed that security forces of the TPLF regime harassed an Eritrean diplomat at Bole Airport, in addition to searching and confiscating property and documents in his possession in gross violation of international law and the Vienna Convention.

In a briefing he gave to Erina in connection with the diplomatic crime witnessed on 26 September 2011, Ambassador Fisehatsion explained that although the Eritrean diplomat who was on his way from Addis Ababa to Asmara via Cairo fulfilled the necessary legal process and immigration obligations, members of the TPLF regime's security forces took acts of harassment and intimidation against him in violation of his diplomatic immunity.

Ambassador Fisehation further pointed out that the TPLF regime's security forces not only kept the Eritrean diplomat prisoner at the airport for more than an hour and half, but also searched his luggage, laptop and computer, besides intimidating him.

Moreover, the senior Foreign Ministry official indicated that the same security forces assigned strict security surveillance against him until he boarded the plane. In this regard, Ambassador Fisehation underlined that the TPLF regime should be held accountable for its crimes vis-a-vis international laws and the Vienna Convention.

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