Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eritrean Presdent Dead or Alive revelation on the 24 of May,2012

The truth of Isaias Afwerki's  the president of  Eritrea's  death or dead alive will be revealed on the 24th of May the day of independence , where he delivers speech. This day would be  having a double significance on  the belligerence  sate of  Eritrea that he shaped  -  to  celibate its independence,  and a day of a revelation that  Wedi  Afwerki as the call him locally  must show is head or his replacement must be revealed on that day.

Eritrea since  independence is controlled by the 5 operation areas who occupied different region of the country during the struggle of independence. Since the supposedly leader of Eritrea Isasias Afwerki has been a simple puppet without any effective power. The real power is harnessed by these military institution having 5or 6 colonials each headed by Brigadier Generals.  Today at the death bath of their phantom leader they are in full alert. This may lead a confrontation leading to chaos since no acting president is yet designated.

To the response of the international rammer to the death of Eritrean strongman he never came in public to dementi the allegation that he is dead. Only his long time friend and radio operator today  minister of information without portfolio Ali Abdi is the only one declaring that he is alive. The more he declare  without Isaias himself coming  in public  and give press conference he is a sign of his death  or dead alive.

"Isaias Afwerki is in robust health," Information Minister Ali Abdu said to the BBC.

The speculation began about a week ago, when opposition websites and social media outlets pointed out the president has not been seen on television for almost a month, the BBC reports.

The President will not appear on television simply to "respond to this cheap propaganda," however, Ali added.

Isaias, 66, has been president since the country gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, after 30 years of conflict.  The two countries fought a border war from 1998-2000 that claimed upwards of 70,000 lives and have remained at odds ever since.

State television aired a special broadcast Sunday in response to the rumors, insisting that Isaias is in remarkable health, and went so far as to include various images of the president out and about and meeting with citizens.

"We would like to announce that President Isaias is fit as a fiddle and is in the best of health under all criteria," Reuters reports the broadcast as saying.

Eritrea has long felt that the U.S. supports Ethiopia in the border disputes between the two Horn of Africa nations.

"The fact that the source of this fairytale is none other than ... the Central Intelligence Agency could not even deceive the naïve," Agence France Pressequoted a government statement.

The mystery surrounding Isaias' health comes after Ethiopian forces crossed into Eritrea and attacked alleged rebel bases in March --  the first such move since the 1998-2000 war.  Eritrea and Ethiopia both claim their rebel groups are receiving assistance from the other nations.

It is unknown who would assume power in the event of Isaias' death.  Opposition groups claim Isaias is preparing his son to succeed him, however U.S. diplomatic correspondence published by WikiLeaks indicate the military may try to take control, Reuters reported.

The United Nations has maintained sanctions against Eritrea for harboring Islamist militants, including Somali al-Qaeda cell al-Shabab, since 2009.

The international speculation that his son who is in the Air Force will take over is just a wishful dream to be true. The next ruler of Eritrea if any would come out from one of the operation area leading Generals including the flowing names to watch: - Gen. Sebhat Ephrem minister of Defense, his second Gen. Abraha Kassa head of intelligence and many suspect Yemane Charlie also in the list but has no army of his own but a political party with no teeth. Some even go to Brig. Gen. Abraha Kassa, Major Gen. Oumer Tewil, Abdella Jabir, The most probable among the operation areas is major general filipos w yohannes. Many undermine  Mengus8 Tkele) and Wechu both leading operation areas and having a title of  Brigadier generals  and close friend of Issaias Afwerki having military presence of their own…

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