Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eritrea Tyrant tête-à-tête With President Morsi Of Egypt!

Eritrea Tyrant tête-à-tête With President Morsi Of Egypt!
3 July 2012
Right after Dr. Mohammed Morsi was officially announced as the first democratically elected civilian president of Egypt, Eritrea tyrant sent a letter of congratulation to the winner. Below is an excerpt of perceived Eritrea tyrant’s tête-à-tête telephone conversation with president Morsi that pursued:


 Who is speaking please?
3) Never heard of Elections in Eritrea?
5) Like the one you calling to congratulate me for winning!
7) How do you hold such a position for so long? My position is a contract position, 4 year term with the possibility of a second term. I work for and get paid by the people of Egypt.
9) So, you are like the owner of a private company, you fought for the land Eritrea, now you own the land of Eritrea, private Estate of Eritrea!
11) So, what can I do for you?
13) Sorry, I meet with heads of duly elected governments/head of states, my office doesn't allow me to pursue private business. Le me transfer you to our department of commerce and industry so that they can hook you up with real good Egyptian Real Estate Agents. Bye!
2) President of Eritrea.
4) What Elections?
6) We will wait 3 to 4 decades may be even more for that
8) I fought for it all my life! I don't hold a contract position nor am I hired and paid by any one!
10) Kind of! I am the employer and all the rest, like Ministers, administrators, generals, ambassadors, police, you name it, are my employees, and the people of Eritrea are tenants of my land! Am quasi the Landlord of private Estate of Eritrea
12) Set up a meeting.

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