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Sweden: an appeal to stop the deportation of Mihret Afewerki back to Eritrea

Rome, July 23, 2012

For the attention of:

King Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte of Sweden
The Government of the Kingdom of Sweden
The Swedish Migration Board
The Committee for the Nobel Prize in Stockholm

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
European Commissioner for Human Rights
European Parliament
European Council
European Commission
Civil Society

EveryOne Group and Gandhi NGO are sending the King of Sweden, the Swedish Government and the international humanitarian institutions an urgent appeal for the life of Mihret Afewerki, a young refugee from Eritrea. Mihret escaped from a condition of persecution in her home country to seek protection in Sweden. The human rights situation in Eritrea is tragic and young people, both men and women, are being forced by a ruthless regime to serve military service for many years. During this time they live in tragic conditions and are subjected to sadistic training while their personality is destroyed. Young people who are unable to stand this treatment and and ask for a bit of humanity suffer long periods of detention, with torture and continued violence. Countless young men and women have died during these periods of detention. Eritrea is at present experiencing the highest number of human rights violations and institutional killings. Sweden, on the contrary, despite the rampant worldwide phenomenon of xenophobia, is a country that seeks to maintain high standards of civility and a respect for human rights. That is why we are asking the Swedish authorities and all recipients of this appeal to ensure that more atrocities are not committed against Mihret Afewerki, a young woman who bravely fled from this horror and brutality. We are appealing to you to grant Mihret Afewerki asylum in Sweden, so that she can forget her dramatic past and create a new life for herself away from violence, bullying and terror. This is the testimony of the young refugee from Eritrea, and the rejection letter from the Migration Board:

My address:- Mihret Afeweriki

Verkstandsgatan 11A Lgh1203

280 60 Broby Sweden.

Tel 0046729383474



S 222-2 Lund Sweden

Tel 004646184210

Fax 004646188033 or 0046046188033

My name is Mihret afewerki I was born in 1989 in Halay Eritrea. after I finished my high school I went to Sawa military service I finished military service and got result for collage but they didn't give opportunity to continue my higher level education and I asked them why you don't give opportunity like my colleagues I remain here and other. they punished me in very danger way and watched me in very bad manner in local prison. I can't resisted that happened over men specially their punishment .general in Eritrea;- there is no democracy and human rights, bright future free press and there is great Violence of human begin. Immediately I decided to escape from Sawa Eritrea to Sudan. But Sudan is not a very comfortable country for me ( all Eritreans) Because some Eritrean were turned from Sudan to Eritrea. Then I decided to come Here ( Sweden) illegal . I came on 31/08/2010 and Asked Political protection , I did my first interview on 26/09/2010. on 01/12/2010 I refused me and Asked appeal on 28/04/2011 I was stand in front of judge in Malmo. Again They refused me. I decided to change lawyer and I changed my present lawyer CARL-OLOF LINDBERG AB and gave him all necessary documents all which I got from the migration and court. But the migration of Kristiandstand asked me to return to Eritrea here their decision:




Decision concerning the provision of assistance


Afewerki, Mihret, lecture 19890626, citizens in Eritrea.

Address: Vekstandsgatan 11A Apt 1203 , 280 60 Broby


The Immigration Agency decides to put down your day replacement with 24 Kroner from July 2012.

The reasons for the decision

You have a final expulsion order to Eritrea since May 28, 2012. You have been in talks on returning on 8 and 21 June 2012 in satalen do you have expressed that you are unable or unwilling to return to Eritrea.

To call on 21 June 2012 was commissioned to take with you 4 styken passport photos. This is for the Immigration Agency to be helpful in arranging of a travel document for you.You came to call without a passport photos. When the Manager offered that you could go and take passport photos during your call uppgar you that you did not want to join, and you wanted to either fill in application for a travel document.

The Immigration Agency can put down today, the compensation for a person who unjustifiably refuses to participate in an action that is necessary for the decision of expulsion can be enforced. In conversation with.

The Immigration Agency has you have been informed of the consequences of that contribute to your return.The Immigration Agency Considers in the light of the foregoing, you do not contribute to such action as may be necessary for you to be able to verställas to Eritrea.

Provisions on which the decision is based, This decision is based on 10 Act (1994: 137) about mottagrande of asylum-seekers and others.

Caroline Nilsson

Decision Makers.

The Immigration Agency

A casting of His dental

Visiting address Västra storgatan 22 postal address PO Box 217 SE-29123 His tooth

Telefan 07771-235235 Telefa 01048523
Thanks in advance for your kind attention and waiting for your prompt action with our best regards,
Roberto Malini, Matteo Pegoraro, Dario Picciau, Glenys Robinson - EveryOne Group
NGO Gandhi...

EveryOne Group
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