Sunday, September 28, 2014

If I was President of Eritrea for a day |

If I was President of Eritrea for a day


If I was President of Eritrea for a day
Let me ask you this If you were President for a day, what would you do?
If I was President of Eritrea for a day I would have done this:
  • First thing in the morning I would have set free all prisoners of conscience or any one imprisoned illegally. Then I would have apologies and beg for their forgiveness on behalf of the nation for all the highest degree of injustice they suffered all those years
  • Then bring all perpetrators to face justice in the courts.
  • Compensate and help the victims to recover quicker
  • Call the entire nation for an all-inclusive national dialog for truth, reconciliation
  • Implement the national Constitution and Declare Eritrea a free Republic that respects and upholds the rights of all Eritreans citizens
  • Conduct free and fair election
  • Build strong national institutions that protects freedom and democracy
  • End all types of forced servitude
  • Make peace with all nations of the world who want the same mutual peace and cooperation
  • Declare war on our number one enemy corruption and hunger
  • Make education and health care an absolute top priorities
  • Encourage and support business and hardworking job creators
  • Create a social welfare system so that people on poverty are not left alone to face poverty hardship alone.
  • Create a system that insures balanced distribution of investment and wealth to all corners of the country. No region should be left behind.
  • Create a well-funded national defence force to defend our national interests as well as off course the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea
  • Defend Women equality for the same right, respect and dignity as men
  • Promote for peace, harmony, tolerance and order
If I was President of Eritrea for a day that is what I would have done, and on the second day I probably would have rested have some beer and wine with loved ones and marvel at the bright future ahead for Eritrea.
Unfortunately we have no elected, people fearing president but a despotic tyrant who is on power frankly by his own power and abilities. He is not responsible nor is accountable to anyone but himself. So we cannot really expect him to do what we the people want. As far as Isaias Afwerki is concerned he is running his own state NOT a Peoples’ Republic. Until the person of Eritrea rise up and overthrows this despot there will be no real reform.
Feel free to add your ideas to the above list. If you were President of Eritrea for a day, what would you do?

Philmon Habtom


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