Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tragedy in Eritrea, Grosseto professor dies in a fire

GROSSETO. Eritrea had moved with his wife and two daughters to teach Italian. His passion for the arts and the debate about, traditions and music, had brought up in Asmara. And here he found death in an atrocious, in the fire of his home. Andrea Valle, born in 1952, Professor of Italian, intellectual, songwriter known as "elsewhere", the indefatigable Word popular ditties, keeper of the traditions of the Maremma, has died on the evening of Sunday, December 7. According to information arriving from Africa, it would have been a short circuit in his home in Asmara, which would have caused a fire. Valli would have tried to escape, but was poisoned by carbon monoxide, with no chance to save. At that time it was only in the House. His wife, Nevia Grazzini, the historical archive of folk customs of Grosseto, and two daughters _ a child and a teenager _ were out. Valli has taught for a long time the pastures. He was then asked to teach abroad and was assigned to Marseilles, France. After a period back in Grosseto, had left for Eritrea, where from December 2013 taught Italian at junior high schools of the Italian school of the capital Asmara. The school, in shock, Monday remained closed for mourning. General Services Director, Leonarda Rondino, contact from the Tyrrhenian Sea, tells the story of a mild-mannered teacher and well liked by the boys. "Had an excellent relationship with the boys _ explains Rondino _ his death is terrible. We have communicated to the students and today (Tuesday, 9 December, ndr) here in Asmara will be celebrated a mass in his memory, which will be attended by colleagues, teachers and students in addition to his wife and daughters. During the week, processed the paperwork, the body will return to Italy, accompanied by his family and a school teacher ". Roberto Ferretti generation _ he died abroad _ Valli, sensitive personality and immense culture, well-known in Grosseto, with him disappears a most important intellectuals of the province. 


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