Friday, February 13, 2015

Eritrea dismayed by Ethiopia-Djibouti Joint Communiqué | Caperi

February 12, 2015 (Asmara) – Eritrea said on Thursday that it is dismayed by a Joint Communiqué issued by Ethiopia and Djibouti on 09 February 2015 considering it as an act of hostility.
Ethiopia and Djibouti have both accused Eritrea of destabilizing the region and called on the international community to tighten the current sanctions imposed on the country.
Eritrea on the other hand, responded on Thursday that Ethiopia’s continues occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories represents the single and central cause of instability in the Horn of Africa region.
According to Eritrea, Ethiopia occupies sovereign Eritrean territories breaching international law and the fundamental African Union principles of the sanctity of colonial borders almost 13 years after the final and binding arbitral award of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission.
In 2003 the international Boundary Commission set up under the Algiers agreement that ended the fighting has ruled that the town of Badme – the original flashpoint of a war and conflict with Ethiopia – is on Eritrean territory.
Eritrea also said that Djibouti’s part in the Joint Communiqué is difficult to comprehend given that its border dispute with Eritrea has been entrusted to Qatar as a third party mediator.
The increasing awareness that the current sanction regime against Eritrea is unjustified paired with dwindling support from the International Community to extend the sanctions, prompted Ethiopia to call for more tightened sanctions, Eritrea said.


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