Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Houthis" sent a senior Yemeni delegation to Eritrea

The new Yemeni Shia known"Houthis" sent a senior Yemeni delegation to Eritrea. Yemen's Houthis Seek strategic and political allies with Djibouti, Somaliland (Somalia), Sudan and Eritrea. Houthis are minority Shia from the north.

The Houthi political bureau Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri said a delegation headed by Hussein Al-Izzi arrived in Asmara to meet with Eritrean leader to discuss the latest political developments in Yemen's red sea security and ways to enhance mutual security cooperation with Eritrean navy.
Houthi leaders are warning that anyone who deals with President Hadi in Aden as "head of state" will be prosecuted and brought to justice
According to Geeska Afrika Online security sources, Houthis' new tactics anger Gulf Countries (GCC). The Houthis' diplomatic strategy takes its inspiration from the previous Yemeni regime of former President Ali Abdullah salah.
Houthi leaders said they have approached Iranian government, their main Shiaa in Tehran to send gasoline to offset supplies cut off by neighbouting GCC led by Saudi Arabia.
Another delegation is planning to visit Ethiopia in the coming weeks, they said. Houthi leaders say their interim government is trying to gain legitimacy in Africa and Asia. (
In Search Of A Role
Since it became headline news, President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has been trying to find a way to entangle himself in the Yemeni crisis, which basically has two dimensions: Internal Yemeni issue and Sunni-Shi’a rivalry. None of that concerns Eritrea, but the security of the Red Sea does.
On November 2014, Isaias Afwerki floated an initiative to discuss the security of the Red Sea with the countries of the region.
Though the Arab countries gave Isaias’ initiative a cold shoulder and politely hushed it, Fasil Gebreselasse, the Eritrean ambassador to Cairo explained that the failure of the initiative was due to the Arab concern about involving Israel in the security of the Red Sea.
In the same month, the Eritrean ambassador told that, “the Arab countries rejected Israel’s presence [in the meeting] but it is possible for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Yemen, Djibouti , and Sudan to meet and agree on a mechanism to protect peace and security in the Red Sea, without inviting foreign forces.”
Isaias has primarily invited Egypt and Saudi Arabia but he also sent feelers to several other countries along the Red Sea–none of them was interested.
A diplomat from the region informed Gedab News that the Eritrean president, “either thinks highly of himself or underestimates the Arab leaders to consider brokering any deal between the Arab countries and Israel, a feat countries with leverage failed to achieve.”
Djibouti has an unresolved border issue with Eritrea, and in December 1995, Eritrea and Yemen fought for three days over the Hanish Archipelago which three years later, the International Permanent Court of Arbitration awarded to Yemen. (
Eritrea’s Ministry of Information blamed intelligence agencies disguised as independent think tanks and elements of Ethiopia’s Government for running a disinformation campaign against Eritrea.
“Concerted and deliberate disinformation on Eritrea have ratcheted up these days for reasons that are not difficult to figure out. The main culprits are certain intelligence agencies masquerading as independent think tanks and their TPLF (Ethiopian) minions”, Shabait said.
According to the Ministry, the latest planted claim that a Houthi delegation visited Eritrea is a misinformation spread with the aim to imply links between Eritrea and Iran.
Iran has Embassies in Djibouti, Ethiopia and the Republic of Sudan. It has also considerable investments and trade relations with these countries.
“In Eritrea, Iran is represented by a non-resident Ambassador. But normative Eritrea-Iran ties are misconstrued for purposes of disinformation” , the Eritrean Ministry of Information said.
The old story revolved around non-existing Israeli and Iranian military bases in Eritrea – a truly explosive mix. This time, it is Iranian/Houthi dimension, according to the Ministry.


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