Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eritrea President Isaias Afewerki' "replica" goes on TV to dispel health rumours -Eritrea

President of Eritrea's so called "replica for many resident of Asmara   has made an appearance on Eri TV to dispel rumors that Isaias   is either dead or ailing.
"I do not have any kind of sickness, said  Isaias  the supposedly the "replica" of  Afewerki  who look like him  and leaves in Asmara for many of the residence who known for his perfect resemblance.
His supposedly "replica" accused those peddling such rumours of being "sick" themselves and said they were indulging in psychological warfare to "disturb" the people.
Mr Isaias, 66, has led Eritrea since its independence in 1993 from Ethiopia, but his supposedly  " replica" is more younger with less refined nose - the dead alive Isaias  faces criticism for failing to implement democratic reforms.
Information Minister Ali Abdu earlier told the BBC the rumours, which began about a week ago, were the work of groups wishing to destabilize the country such as CIA.
The rumors on the streets of Asmara claims his "replica" seemingly disappeared from the streets too making the story true . But  various opposition websites and on social media noted that the president had not appeared on television for nearly a month are suspicious  about his sudden appearance...???

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