Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eritrean Airlines Expands Route Network Eritrea, Asmara, Flights | capitaleritrea

Eritrean Airlines Expands Route Network

Eritrean Airlines
Frankfurt, Germany – Eritrean Airlines re-opens non-stop flight operations from Frankfurt to Asmara, Eritrea this spring and summer traffic schedule.
Eritrean Airlines will service Frankfurt from Asmara three times a week: once a day on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting from the 17th of April.
Flights operate under flight number ‘ERT 371′ with a new Airbus 319 from Terminal 2 in Frankfurt (Timetable).
This is good news for Eritreans as their national carrier returns serving one of the most demanded routes to Asmara, after having ceased direct operations between Asmara and Frankfurt in 2009. Healthy competition between Eritrean Airlines and Lufthansa can benefit consumers as air fares might become slightly cheaper.
The airline is further expanding its international network with routes to Johannesburg and Cape Town waiting to be announced.
Forsyth Black, Senior Vice President Africa of international ground handling firm Menzies Aviation announced in mid-March on the company’s website, that South Africa has won Eritrean Airlines 4 per week service from Asmara via Entebbe to both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“Eritrean are new to the market in South Africa and hope to build up their service over the coming months. This is the first new market entrant of the year and it’s a Menzies customer!”
The second new market entry of the year, and a customer we’d actually signed up long ago, is Korongo Airlines from DR Congo who will fly twice a week from Lubumbashi to Johannesburg. They finally got their permission to fly last week and I’m happy to announce they will be handled by us imminently.”
Both airlines contract passenger services, ramp services, cargo and lounge services from Menzies.
Fly home to Eritrea with Eritrean Airlines.

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