Tuesday, May 15, 2012

24 May Countdown: The Agony Of The 'Eritrea Tyrant Is Alive' Mob

24 May Countdown: The Agony Of The 'Eritrea Tyrant Is Alive' Mob 09 May 2012 The saga of Eritrea Tyrant Isias Afarek's whereabouts, dead or alive, is far from over. It's been way over a week since Eritrea tyrant's attempts to bamboozle the nation into believing he is alive via Televised theatrics have passed and weeks since the talk about whether the tyrant is or no more went viral on the internet and social media. Yet, the tyrant is not even in the News and/or making News even in his own propaganda TV station, EriTV! Only thing one hears is the desperate cry of those that believe in the ghost and spirit of the tyrant in London UK exclaiming 'Isias is Alive'! Ok, Where is he then? Wait until 24 May is their wishful answer! And, the answer to our question, Any one seen or talked to Eritrea tyrant in person lately, has been utterly deafening silence and none in the affirmative whatsoever, hitherto and waiting. And then there are those 'Mea Culpa' quacking Aflac ducks that want to shoot the resistance camp for something they have absolutely nothing to do with in any form or shape even with the tyrant's own admission that charges solely Langley and the CIA as the source and author of the whole thing not the opposition (Listen below). The challenge was then and still is, easy or not, for the tyrant to prove if he is at all alive in whatever shape his health is BARD. The tyrant's subsequent theatrical TV drama did not prove neither hitherto! Add to that those that cannot differentiate between LIVE appearance and pre-taped video (undated) broadcast too that claimed the tyrant is alive because they saw his shadows on a TV broadcast! Address your Mea Culpa properly, the oppostion is the wrong address! Now back to the issue at hand. 24 May is Eritrea's Independence Day, a day when Eritrea the territory assumed political independence. Traditionally and obviously, on this day Eritrea tyrant addresses the nation. This day is then the best opportunity for the tyrant to prove he is alive beyond any reasonable doubt (BARD). Yes, no phony television drama or televised 'Hide and seek' video game broadcasts but LIVE. A comedy show starring Eritrea tyrant on a remote stage of a stadium is not going to cut it! The tyrant cannot play the defendant/plaintiff, the witness, and the judge in one. Eritrea tyrant has popped out as ardent advocate of Independent body to investigate matters that involves him. This is the time for the tyrant to call on Independent body to attest BARD he is alive. In order to prove he is alive BARD, it behooves the tyrant to take advantage of the occasion to address the International corpse of diplomats in the land or to hold a brief press conference with the international media. Absent that and/or any other means that prove the tyrant is alive he is extinct. The tyrant's lackeys are praying, banking and counting on the tyrant's 24 May performance to prove he is alive BARD. Great! Keep agonizing over it! The 24 May Countdown is on! Good luck! NB: The talk about confirmed/unconfirmed news report is not applicable in Eritrea. One can demand confirmation only where and if it is possible or allowed! Not in Eritrea the land of no free press, free media or no int'l media exists. In this case, the only option is to throw at the tyrant whatever has transpired and comes from Eritrea and let him deny/confirm it and then let, yes, an independent body verify it. It is, therefore , nonsensical to speak of confirmed/unconfirmed news from Eritrea! Related articles Eritrean President dead more than alive, the truth will be revealed on May 24,2012 (ethiopianism.info)

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