Sunday, September 9, 2012

ERITREA: The African Nation Where You Need A Permit To Have Dinner With Friends - Business Insider

Yishai Halper has a article today in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, detailing the ridiculous limits on personal freedom in the African nation of Eritrea.
The first paragraph is a killer:
It's not a simple matter to drop by a friend's house for dinner in Eritrea. If the meal is to be attended by at least three guests from various families, the authorities already consider it a gathering that requires a special permit. Nor would travel to an adjacent village be possible without a similar permit. And if you have an urge to write a song on a slip of paper, you need to be mindful that it could be construed as anti-government propaganda that could land you in jail.Eritrea
Eritrea even beat out North Korea in Reporters Without Borders' Press Freedom index to come flat last out of 179 countries. Halper has many more great details about a terrible regime in his article.

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