Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eritrean Islamic Ghost Witch Hunt & Total Economic Bankrupt - CNN iReport

1. Islamic Ghost Hunting in Asmara 

2. Eritrean economy totally Bankrupt 
3. Eritrea is Stateless 
I. Islamic Ghost Hunting in Asmara 

The Eritrean Regime is hunting the extremist suspected to turn Eritrea and Ethiopia to an Islamic State. Isasias became the defendant of the Addis Ababa regime against the Islamist eventual take over. All this is regime’s attempt to divert the population from the continuing 21 January Revolution. 
The main accuseds are the Saudi & Qatar Government for giving 66 Million Dollar in cash for and an open check for this mission. 
The Arrested culprits for the Coup mission are 
Deqe Shaiel or know as Sons of Shale region, northern Eritrea 
1. Ali hajji once minister of industries as being 
2. Musetfa Nure Hussen 21 January Arrested 
3. Abdella Jabr 

Those who denounced the above are / Deq Semhar or Sons of Massawa 
1. Alamine Mohamed Said 
2. Ramadan Mohammed Nur 

Many Muslims are thrown to jail and many are send to work fields. 
II. Eritrean Total Bankrupt 
Since 1991 there has been no state to stabilize country’s economy. Eritrea is starving occupied with non functional liberated Zones. Salaries have not been paid for over 3 years. 
1. Asmara is in a continues Blackout. It has been a while since Electricity is unavailable in the country due to shortage of gasoline. 
2. No More Benzene people are walking even the buses are not functioning forget the Taxi. Some old Chariots are dragged with weak horses 
3. Lentils the Eritrean main dish is not found in the market 
4. No Bread there is no flours in the market 
5. Teff the local grain mostly imported from Ethiopia through Sudan is absent due to the shortage of foreign currency as a direct effect of the sanction taking its toll. 
6. Import export license has not been renewed the last 7 years 
7. There is no more bear in the country since there is a shortage of wheat except the smuggled out dated Heineken bear that has gone up to 180 Nacka a piece 
8. Nacka lost all is purchasing values 
$100 in Black Market 7000 Nacka 

III. Facts about Stateless Eritrea 
1. A colony for 50 +10 years 
2. Federated & Unified to Ethiopia 1952 
3. In 1991 Eritrea seceded after three decades of rebellion. 
4. Since 1998 Eritrea is at War with all its neighbors 
5. Harboring proxy warriors especially the notorious Al- Shabab. 
6. Torture ,imprisonment , thousands fleeing, human trafficking 
7. No religious freedom , 
8. The only university is closed transformed to prison 
9. Everybody is in the army, 
10. No Parliament, 
11. No election, 
12. No Working Constitution 
13. No functioning institution, 
14. No free press & all living journalists are in prison. 
15. Eritrea is called the North Korea of Africa 


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