Monday, April 1, 2013

Eritrean robbers get away with sixteen dollars | capitaleritrea news

Eritrean robbers get away with sixteen dollars

Chur, Switzerland: Police
Chur, Switzerland: Police
Chur, Switzerland – Two young Eritreans who robbed reportedly a 29 year-old victim at knifepoint in late January got away with only 15 Swiss francs US$16. The victim fell to the ground suffering from ankle ligament damage during impact.
In a separate matter arising from a two year old hit-and-run case, one of the two Eritreans had threatened his victim with a knife getting away with 20 Swiss francs only. He was sentenced  to one year of probation by a district court and apparently did not learn his lesson from the sentencing he got two years ago.
The fact that the two Eritreans are of young age shows the increasing problems young immigrants have to adapt to their host societies due to unemployment and missing prospects on the horizon. Although, everyone is responsible for his own deeds, the Eritrean community needs to help young refugees from drifting into crime, otherwise our image will suffer, says Simon Woldeab, an Eritrean social worker.
Deportation impossible
Both Eritreans are awaiting their court case with one of them to stand trial twice in a short period of time since his last appearance in court. Swiss authorities say that repatriation is currently impossible under Swiss law, but it could be an option once the legal framework would allow to return criminal immigrants to their homeland.


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