Monday, June 17, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard, Scrap Eritrea Tyrant's ConsulateOh Canada!

Nearly two weeks ago, Canada dominated international news headlines for dealing Eritrea tyrant, Esayas Afareki, deserved major diplomatic blow for taking the extraordinary and one of its kind step of literally booting out Eritrea tyrant's head consul and declaring him pesona non grata for engaging in levying and collecting extortion tax despite and in spite of the consul's prior pledge and Canada's warning to end this criminal practice. Why did the consul do it again knowing he risks disgraceful expulsion? Because old habits die hard! The Consul did what he did because he can't live without it even if it meant violating international, Canadian laws, and disgraceful expulsion!


Eritrea tyrant has been assaulting Canadian laws on two fronts: One: Eritrea tyrant abusing consular offices to levy extortion tax, and two: Eritrea tyrant's lackeys and agents, Eritrean Canadians' abuse and brazen violation of Canadian Asylum protection laws by financing the tyrant against whom they have requested and have been granted asylum protection/citizenship, hence earned legal basis for a stay in Canada. In doing so, the said Eritrean Canadians forfeit their legal bases to stay in Canada.

Next, Canada must rein in those Eritrean Canadian lackeys and agents of Eritrea tyrant and call them to task in a court of law for violation of the said Canadian asylum protection rights and laws.
Speaking of laws, there are neither laws nor taxes in Eritrea, it is all brazen diktat of the barrel of the gun. There is no Law of the land but brutal diktat of the Barrel of the gun in Eritrea.
Common sense has it that: Where there are taxes there are laws, where there are laws there is a legislative body/parliament, and where there is a parliament there are elections, where there are elections there is a government, and where there is a government there is constitutional governance. None, absolutely none of the above exists in Eritrea that Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareki has turned into a Gangland!

Absent that, nothing but the barrel of the gun legitimizes or gives Eritrea tyrant the right to levy taxes from the people of Eritrea anywhere in the world. And that is broad daylight banditry, extortion par excellence, and extra-judicial means the tyrant may pursue only in his own backyard that he controls by the barrel of the gun. That alone, in and of itself, is more than enough grounds, not to speak of the incriminating findings of the UN Monitoring Group, to stop Eritrea tyrant from pursuing his criminal activities of exacting money under the guise of exile tax from citizens of Canada, The Netherlands, USA and anywhere else in the world.

Taxes are mandated by laws; laws that are enacted by a duly elected and constitutionally authorized legislative body. As stated above, that is not the case in Eritrea. There, the barrel of the gun mandates whatever money Eritrea tyrant levies under the guise of taxes. And that is plane banditry and robbery to say the least.

Where laws mandate taxes, it is every citizen's duty to pay taxes for evasion has severe legal consequences. It is not duty but extortion when citizens are asked/compelled to pay money mandated by the barrel of the gun.

Let it be clear, no one is talking about fees paid for consular services rendered by any consulate. That is legit for there is no free service. But what has people's salaries and taxes to do with that? Raising those issues is nothing but intimidation and threats to deny the services!

Expulsion of Eritrea tyrant's one consul and replacing him with another is not going to stop the tyrant from his old habit of collecting money by bullying for he needs it for life. The tyrant will always find means and ways to circumvent Canadian laws, for example under the guise of  so-called Eritrean Community Centers and individuals agents across Canada.

Therefore, it behooves Canada to scrap the tyrant's consulate entirely, hunt down his agents, and keeping very close eye on the so-called Eritrean Canadian communities in order to protect its laws- Old habits die hard! 
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