Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eritrea massacred 80 Navy officers trying to escape to Ethiopia

Agents of the Eritrean National Security have massacred a group of Eritrean Navy members after accusing them of planning to escape on speed boats to neighboring Yemen, Ethiopia.

The  victims are all ethnic Afar minority and their burial ceremony was held on Friday.
The rebel official said the killings were a state-sponsored mass murder and politically motivated.
"The Navy and the brutal Eritrean government in particular are responsible for the mass murders", he said.
Citing to inside sources, Haron claimed that colonel Wedi Halima was the military official who ordered the mass killings.
Eritrean naval members several times fled in the past their country in groups to Yemen in protest to the regime’s worsening repression but the latest failed attempt saw the biggest in numbers of defecting army members.
The reclusive Red Sea nation considers any citizen who tries to flee as traitor constituting a punishment of a lengthy jail terms or death penalty.
The punishment severs if deserters are members of the Army.
"We call up on the international community to urgently intervene over the ethnic cleansing against innocent Eritrean Afars who are being slaughtered on daily bases by the dictatorial regime", he said.
The rebel official vow to carry out military actions in retaliation to the mass murders and called upon all other political organization to join struggle against regime in Asmara.
Eritrean ethnic Afars repeatedly allege of being subjected to persecution, imprisonment, torture or death by the Eritrean security service in accusation of having links with the rebel group in Ethiopia.


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