Monday, July 28, 2014

Eritrea diplomatic rapprochement with Yemen at the expense of Adargachew

Recently the Eritrean based  Ethiopian opposition leader Adargachew Tsge is rendered to Ethiopia on his trip to Eritrea via Yemen. Many Ethiopians in Diaspora speculated a backlash in the relation of the tow nation. In the contrary the Eritrean regime recently send a new ambassador to Yemen and wormed up their rapprochement leaving behind   past conflict on the tiny island on the Red Sea.

The Yemeni Deputy Foreign Minister Amir al-Aidaros received a copy of credentials of a new Eritrean ambassador Mohammed Sheikh Abdul Jalil.
The announcement came as a relief to a country on edge and worried about how the Fishing boats issues and border dispute would resolve itself.
During the diplomats meeting in Sanaa, both diplomats reviewed the bilateral cooperation and relations between the two neighbouring countries.
The Yemeni deputy foreign minister stressed that the foreign Ministry will provide all diplomatic support and cooperation to facilitate his diplomatic mission in the country.

Italian diplomat who conducted shuttle diplomacy between the two neighbouring Yemen and Eritrean countries warned that much work still remained.
“This will be still a difficult road because there are important obligations required and difficult decisions to be made,” Italian diplomat told Geeska Afrika Online reporter after briefing Eritrean’s current president, Isaias Afwerki, shortly after his visist last month.
Speaking alongside Isaias Afwerki at the Presidential Palace, Italian diplomat said the democracy springing up in Eritrea “deserved its full bloom.” Italy offered robust support to ensure the regional security deal holds to minimize Ethio-Eritrean media war.
Ambassador Mohammed Sheikh Abdul Jalil also said the fishing boats created “serious diplomatic challenges.” But ambassador al-Aidaros said,  “Stability is the desire of both Yemen and Eritrea,” Mohammed added his statement,  “Our diplomatic partnership aim is simple: both countries are committed to the most diplomatic dialogue any threats that emerges between the two countries” according to its history.
Source Photo:  Eritrean ambassador to the AU, H.E. Girma Asmerom debating with Ethiopian Minister for Foreign Affairs Berhane Gebre-Christos

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