Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eritrea is still holding 863 Yemeni fishing boats since 2006, official says - Saba Net - Yemen news agency


SANA'A, July 19 (Saba)- The Eritrean authorities are still holding nearly 863 Yemeni fishing boats since 2006, Secretary General of the Fisheries Cooperative Union Ali Bhidar has said.

Bhidar pointed out in a statement to Saba that the activity of Yemeni fishermen in the south of the Red Sea faces a lot of difficulties due to seizing their boats by some neighboring countries, especially in the Horn of Africa.

He called on the concerned government authorities to do their part in protecting the Yemeni fishermen and follow up the activation of memoranda of understanding signed with neighboring countries in the field of fish.

In this regard, Bhidar stressed at the same time the need to expedite the signing of similar memoranda of understanding with the rest of the neighboring countries and in particular Eritrea.




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