Monday, February 9, 2015

Ethiopian Ambassador Berhane Gebrekristos demanded Eritreato go back to the negotiating table for talks before demarcation

An Eritrean delegation called upon the African Union (AU) to push for the delimitation of the boarder between Eritrea and Ethiopia at the 24th summit of the organization held in Addis Ababa from the 23rd through 31st of January, according to Radio Erena.
The delegation, which was led by Eritrea’s permanent AU representative in Addis Ababa – Ambassador Araya Desta appeals for a full implementation of the decisions passed by the Eritrean and Ethiopian Border Commission and that the organization has to pressure Ethiopia to pull its troops from what has been declared as Eritrea’s sovereign territory.
In a special meeting dedicated for the Eritrean and Ethiopian case that was held at the end of the submit, Ethiopia responded through its representative – the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ambassador Berhane Gebrekristos saying that his country and Eritrea have to go back to the negotiating table for talks before the delimitation process, confirmed the Ethiopian newspaper of ‘The Reporter’.
Ambassador Gebrekristos also affirmed that his Prime Minister – Halemariam Desalegn is willing to travel to Asmara and talk with his Eritrean counterpart regarding the issue. He added that Eritrea is not ready for negotiations and is disturbing the peace in the region, on the contrary.
Ambassador Gebrekristos further cited AU’s reluctant stance on Eritrea and the two sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council as indications of Eritrea’s noncompliance.
AU’s current revolving chairman – Zimbabwe’s 90-year-old President, Robert Mugabe heard the deliberations by the two countries and pleaded with them to avoid foreign intervention in dealing with their conflict.


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