Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eritrea denies channeling Iranian support to Houthis | Africa | Worldbulletin News

Eritrea denies channeling Iranian support to Houthis

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Eritrean Foreign Ministry has refused claims that alleged Iranian support to Houthis group was being channeled through the Horn of Africa nation.

World Bulletin / News Desk 
Eritrean Foreign Ministry has dismissed reports that alleged Iranian support to Houthis group was being channeled through the Horn of Africa nation.
"The government of Eritrea has been monitoring such repeated and groundless allegations claiming at one time that 'there exist Israeli bases in Eritrea' and at another 'Iranian bases,'" the ministry said in a statement.
The ministry went on to denounce "the practice of unethical and unprofessional acts of certain media outlets."
"Eritrea views the crisis in Yemen as an internal matter," the statement said.
The release came after Saudi media outlets recently alleged that the Eritrean government is supporting the Houthi insurgency in Yemen.


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